Sonos is launching a limited edition Beastie Boys Play:5 speaker this December


Do you have an audiophile on your gift list who has a soft spot for the Beastie Boys? This could be the perfect gift.


On Tuesday, Sonos announced a limited edition Beastie Boys Play:5 speaker.


In CNET’s review of the Sonos Play:5 speaker we admired the sleek design and rich sound. Like other Sonos speakers, the Play:5 can be operated and controlled from the Sonos app, and it’s compatible with most music streaming services. Although, at $499 (£429 or AU$749) the speaker isn’t exactly cheap.


The new Beastie Boys version is just like the standard Play:5, except for the new design. It’s all white, which is a contrast from the previous white Sonos Play:5 that comes with a black grill. The Beastie Boys speaker also comes with a big red Beastie Boys logo on the grill, designed by artist Barry McGee.


Another thing that makes this version special is that all proceeds will go to the Peace Sisters and Little Kids Rock charities on the behalf of the Adam Yauch (aka MCA) foundation.


The limited edition speaker will debut at the Beastie Boys book tour that kicks off on Oct. 29. It’ll be available to purchase in select retail stores and on the Sonos website in December. For more info you can check out the Beastie Boys Sonos Play:5 website here.

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