IPhone XR phone case: Just $2 buys you see-through protection


Using a phone without a case is kind of nuts, if you ask me, but I also hate the way most cases cover your phone’s artful design. Indeed, if you’re buying an iPhone XR, you want to actually see its colorful shell, right?


Solution: a clear case. And they don’t come much more affordable than this one: For a limited time and while supplies last, Ranvoo’s clear iPhone XR slim gel case is just $1.99 with promo code RVNLJXRT. That’s by far the cheapest clear case I’ve seen. Two bucks!

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This is a soft-sided, flexible case made of TPU, so it’s more likely to protect you against scrapes and scruffs than it is hard knocks against the pavement. (For the latter, you’d want to look at a hard-plastic case.) Still, some protection is better than no protection.

Beyond that, the case has slightly raised camera and screen bevels to help protect against scratches. And that’s about it! Protection for your iPhone XR that still lets the color shine through.


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